Fiberglass parts can be found in everything from space shuttles to lawn equipment. It is so widely used due to its ease of use, high strength to weight ratio, and the ability of the designer to achieve a wide array of outcomes in terms of thickness, rigidity, shape, color, texture, and much more. 

How it's Made 

  1. Make a base pattern out of wood, metal, foam, etc.; this will be the exact reverse of the end product. 
  2. Make a fiberglass mold from the pattern. 
  3. Run parts from the mold(s) 

Watch the video below to see the fiberglass production process in action! 

Why Fiberglass? 

Fiberglass is superior to countless composites and plastics. A common misconception is that plastic injection molding or vacuforming will be quicker, easier, or cheaper than manufacturing with fiberglass, but in many cases this is simply not true. Fiberglass is much easier to prototype with, and has the following qualities: 

  • UV resistant 
  • Non-conductive
  • Various thicknesses and textures can be achieved based on customer needs 
  • Extremely rigid and durable 
  • Unmatched strength to weight ratio 
  • Once a mold is made, it is good for hundreds of parts and new molds can be made off of it. 

Our Fiberglass Products 

We have made fiberglass parts for all kinds of applications. Below are examples of some of them.