Basics of Working with Urethane Compounds 

Much of what we do at Aeroform is a mixture of art and science, and working with urethane compounds is exactly that. There are 4 primary components that factor into manufacturing urethane goods: 

polyol    +    isosyanate    +    heat    +    air 

Depending on how you combine these ingredients, you can end up with a myriad of different materials in almost any shape, density, color, or texture. It is for this very reason that we manufacture parts from gymnastics equipment to automotive accessories, and beyond.  


Urethane Foams Take Many Forms - We Specialize in: 

  • Rigid Foam - strong as steel, looks and feels like plastic 

  • Self-Skinning Foam - great for all types of padding; smooth on the outside, density tailored to customer's needs. 

  • Microcellular Foam - ideal composition for ergonomic applications; provides both cushion and support